FIR Technology sector in the year 2014 to provide technical and technological business was established and industry aimed at the lack of NDT I mean non-destructive testing field. Our company is at the same time as our Level 2 ultrasonic inspection expert use of the distrubutorü to the point of knowing that our products don’t need our expertise at the point of support. The quality of the materials and the tests become increasingly important in today’s manufacturing technologies, destructive & Nondestructive Inspection is at least as important as manufacturing and at this point the company in light of the requirement to bring an adequate level possession of these devices and equipment with sufficient technical knowledge to supply full-controlled product to the customer for all these needs in the manufacturing sector. FIR with the formation of the circumstances in terms of technology will add non-destructive testing equipment and power industry equipment distributorship with technology and our investments and to give support to the inspection of our network are proud to create.