Hardness is one of the important mechanic characteristics of the material while the hardness testing is an important method to judge the quality of the metal material or its component parts. The hardness of the metal is correspondent to its mechanic characteristics, and so its mechanic characteristics such as the strength, tiredness, wriggling and wearing out can be tested out approximately through its hardness testing.

Digital multi-functional hardness tester with Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers three testing methods, multi-functional hardness tester of seven grade test force, it can meet the needs of a variety of hardness tests. Test force loading, dwell, unload adopted automatic switching mechanism, test force transformation obtained by the rotation of hand wheel, indentation measured by precision encoder and sensor and calculated the hardness value by the internal system program. So it is easy to operate, fast and intuitive interface, basically, no human operation error, with its high sensitivity, stability, it is suitable for workshops and laboratories.

The main function as follows:

  1. Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers three testing methods;
  2. Conversion of different hardness scales
  3. Selection of dwell time
  4. Modifications of time and date
  5. Output of testing results
  6. RS232 interface for optional functions, this model can save testing results and browse testing pages.

Technical Specifications

  1.  The Power Source and the Voltage:       AC220V±5%, 50-60 Hz
  2. Time-delayed control:                 0-60 seconds, adjustable
  3. The Distance from the Indenter Center to the Instrument Body:    165mm
  4. Overall Dimension (Length×Width×Height):     551×260×800 mm
  5. The Net Weight of the Tester:                    80kg (Approx)

Rockwell Hardness

Specifications of Rockwell Hardness

Testing force(N) Initial Testing Force 98.07(10kg) Tolerance ±2.0%
Total testing force 588.4(60kg) Tolerance ±1.0%
Indenter Diamond Cone Indenter
Ф1.5875mm Ball Indenter
Max height of samples 175mm

The Tolerance of Rockwell Hardness Display Value

Hardness Scale Hardness Range of The Standard Testing Blocks The Max. Tolerance of Display Value Repeatability a
HRA (20~≤75)HRA ±2HRA ≤0.02(100-H)or

0.8 Rockwell Unit b

(>75~≤88)HRA ±1.5HRA
HRB (20~≤45)HRB ±4HRB ≤0.04(130-H)or

1.2 Rockwell Unit b

(>45~≤80)HRB ±3HRB
(>80~≤100)HRB ±2HRB
HRC (20~≤70)HRC ±1.5HRC ≤0.02(100-H)or

0.8 Rockwell Unit b

a:H is average hardness value      b:Confirm as higher value

Brinell Hardness

The Technical Specification of Brinell Hardness Tester

Testing force 294.2N(30kg) Tolerance ±1.0%
Indenter φ2.5mm、φ5mm Ball Indenter
Scales HBW1/30 HBW2.5/31.25 HBW2.5/62.5
HBW5/62.5 HBW10/100 HBW2.5/187.5
Eyepiece magnification 15×
Objective 2.5×(resolution 0.5μm)、5×(resolution 0.25μm)
Max Height of Sample 100 mm

The Tolerance and Repetition of Displayed Value for Brinell Hardness Tester

Hardness Block(HBW) Tolerance(%) Repeatability (%)
≤125 ±3 3
125<HBW≤125 ±2.5 2.5
>225 ±2 2

Technical Specifications of Vickers Hardness

Test force 294.2N(30kg) Tolerance ±1.0%
Indenter Diamond Vickers Indenter
Scale HV30 HV100
Eyepiece magnification 15×
Objective magnification 5×(Resolution 0.25μm)
Max. Height of Specimen 115mm
Tolerance of Displayed Value Repetition of Displayed Value
Hardness scale Value of Hardness Block Tolerance of Displayed Value Value of Hardness Block Repetition of Displayed Value
HV30 ≤250HV ±3% ≤225HV 6%
HV100 300~1000HV ±2% >225HV 4%

Accessories(Packing list)

Accessories Kit of Main Body

No. Description of Goods Quantity
1 Diamond Rockwell Indenter 1 PC
2 φ1.5875mm Steel ball indenter 1 PC
3 Large Test Table, Medium Test Table, V-shaped Test Table 3 PCS
4 0、1、2、3、4 weight 5 PCS
5 Standard Hardness Block HRC ( High, Lower) , Standard Hardness Block HRB 3 PCS
6 Level Regulation Screw 4 PCS
7 Screw driver, Spanner 2 PCS
8 Power cable 1 PC
9 Instruction Manual 1 PC
10 Plastic Anti-dust Bag 1 PC

Accessories Kit of Microscope

No. Description of Goods Quantity
1 Eyepiece 1 PC
2 Seat of Microscope 3 in all 1 PC
3 Outside Light 1 PC
4 Inside Light 1 PC
5 2.5× objective 1 PC
6 5× objective 1 PC
7 Slipped Testing Table 1 PC
8 Diamond Vickers Indenter 1 PC
9 φ2.5mm、φ5mm Ball Indenter 2 PCS
10 Standard Vickers Hardness Block(HV30) 1 PC
11 Standard Brinell Hardness Block(HBW/2.5/187.5) 1 PC
12 Level 1 PC
13 Fuse 2A 2 PCS

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