LX-A hardness tester is widely applied in the low and medium hardness plastic, all kinds of rubber,
multi-dimensional fat, leather, wax hardness test etc. The product refers to ISO868 and the ISO7619 international
standard production, conforms to GB/T531, JB6148 and the JJG304 standard.


Needle indicates, easy to read, high accuracy.
Dual needle, after test the top value, the driven needle will stop move, convenience the user to read.
Handhold design, carry conveniently, handhold measure, also can be installed with match test stand.


Dial value: 0 ~ 100HA
Needle stroke: 2.5 mm
Measure range: 10 ~ 90HA
Needlepoint size: Ф 0.79 mm
Weight: ~ 0.5 kg

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