The TFD810C Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector combinesTMTeck' industry leading conventional flaw detection capabilities with the efficiency of a highly portable, intuitive instrument. The TFD810C flaw detector's blend of efficient menus and direct access keys allows you to take advantage of the highest quality flaw detection platform with exceptional ease of use.


  • Simple to use, quick to operate, from basic to challenging inspection requirements.
  • From high frequency inspections for thin materials up to low frequency for attenuative materials.
  • From automotive, power generation, oil and gas to aerospace applica tions.


Ranges:0.5 to 10,000 mm (steel) range selectable in fixed steps or continuously variable
Material velocity:1,000 to 15,000 m/s,continuously variable in steps of 1 m/s and 22 selectable material velocities
Display delay:From -5 to 1,000μs
Probe delay:0 to 200 μs
Auto calibration:Measurement and setting of sound velocity and probe delay using two known calibration echoes (2-point calibration)
Pulse energy (Spike mode):Low energy (70V), High energy(500V)
Square wave excitation pulse (option)
Pulse Voltage 20 to 500 V adjustable in 10 V increments Pulse Width Tunable from 20 to 1000 ns in 10 ns increments Damping:Low(50 ohms), High(500 ohms):(1,000 ohms in TR mode) Pulse repetition frequency:20 to 1K Hz
Frequency ranges (-3 dB):0.2 to 1 MHz,0.5 to 4 MHz,2 to 20 MHz
Gain:0 to 110 dB adjustable in selectable steps 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 6.0, 12.0, user definable, and locked (step 0).
Rectification:Full-wave, negative half-wave, positive half-wave and RF mode
Reject:Linear, 0 to 90 % screen height Variable in steps of 1 %
Monitor gates:2 independent gates in color bar mode, start and width variable over the entire calibration range, response threshold of 5 to 95 % screen height variable in steps of 1 %,

Alarm:Alarm signal via LED and connectable internal horn. Alarm mode of positive logic, negative logic or DAC

Zoom Expands A-scan display area for increased screen resolution.

Magnify:Expands area within the selected gate over the entire display range for increased A-scan resolution.

Sound path measurement

Digital display of sound path (projection distance, depth) between initial pulse and the first echo in the gate, or between the echoes in the two gates, with selectable echo peak, echo flank or Japanese echo flank detection.

Amplitude display:In % screen height

dB difference above gate height,
dB difference above DAC or TCG
dB difference above DGS curve (FD350)

Displayed reading

Sound path, (reduced) projection distance, depth, amplitude for every gate, user configurable at four positions of measurement line and of the zoomed display in the A-scan


5.7 inch LED backlight TFT_LCD
Display resolution 320 x 240 pixels
A-scan resolution 200 x 220 pixels, 320 x 220 pixels (zoom)

A-scan functions

Manual or automatic A-scan freeze,
A-scan comparison, echo dynamics
(envelope), peak echo storage

Harsh field and industrial environments

• Extended temperature range from -10℃ to 60 ℃.
• Weighs only 2.0 kg.
• Extended battery life to 12 hours under real test conditions.

Fast and bright color screen

Color brings you many additional benefits in your daily inspection job:
• Color display of monitor gates and curves (DAC, TCG, DGS) for direct recognition
• Color coded display of legs for angle beam inspection of welds
• Use of color to display references (A-scan) to make comparisions easy

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