1. Capable of performing measurements on a wide range of material, including metals, plastic, ceramics, composites, epoxies, glass and other ultrasonic wave well-conductive materials.
  2. Transducer models are available for special application, including for coarse grain material and high temperature applications.
  3. Probe-Zero function, Sound-Veloctiy-Calibration function.
  4. Two-Point Calibration function.
  5. Coupling status Indicator showing the coupling status.
  6. Battery information indicates the rest capacity of the battery.AAA model battery and Ultra-low power consumption, it is can continue working 100 hours.
  7. Auto sleep and auto power off function to conserve battery life.
  8. Usb port with Protective Membrane and datapro software to process the memory data on the PC.
  9. Optional thermal mini-printer to print the measured data via USB port.
  10. Adjust gain function ,can easy to test the cast iron material,


Display: 128×64 LCD with LED backlight.
Measuring range: 0.75mm~300.0mm (0.03inch~11.8 inch)
Sound velocity: 1000m/s~9999m/s (0.039~0.394in/µs
Display resolution:0.01mm or 0.1mm (lower than 100.0mm)
0.1mm (more than 99.99mm)
Accuracy: ±(0.5%Thickness +0.02)mm, depends on Materials and conditions
Units: Metric/Imperial unit seletable.
Lower limit for steel pipes: 5MHz probe: F20mm´3.0mm(F0.8´0.12 inch)
10MHz probe: F20mm´3.0mm(F0.6´0.08 inch)
Power Source: 2pcs 1.5V AA size, batteries.100 hours typical operating time(LED backlight off).
Communication: USB serial port
Outline Dimensions: 150mm×74mm×32mm
Weight: 238 g
Four measurements readings per second for single point measurement,
Memory for up to 5 files(up to 100 values for each file) of stored values


No Item Quantity Note
1 Main body 1
2 Transducer 1 Model: TM-08
3 Couplant 1
Standard 4 Instrument Case 1
Configuration 5 Operating Manual 1
6 Alkaline battery 2 AA size
12 DataPro Software 1
13 Communication Cable 1
7 Transducer: TM-12
Optional 8 Transducer: TM-06 Appendix A
9 Transducer: HT5
10 Mini thermal printer 1
11 Print cable 1
Probe optional for ultrasonic thickness gauge
Model Freq. Diam. Measuring range Lower limit Description
MHz Min.
3.0mm-300.0mm For thick, highly
TM-12 2 14 20 attenuating, or highly
(in steel)
scattering materials
TM-08 5 8 1.2mm-230.0mm ¢20mm×3.0mm Normal measurement
(in steel)
TM-08/90 5 8 1.2mm-230.0mm ¢20mm×3.0mm Normal measurement
(in steel)
0.75mm-80.0mm For thin pipe or small
TM-06 7 6 ¢15mm×2.0mm curvature pipe wall
(in steel)
thickness measurement
HT-5 5 13 3mm-200mm (in 30 For high temperature
steel) measurement (up to 300℃)
 HT5-2  5  13   3mm-200mm (in steel)  30  For high temperature measurement (up to 550℃)

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