TMTeck design cross hatch cutter is applicable to determine the adhesion of organic coatings by cross-hatching.
This instrument is designed for assessing the resistance of paint or related coatings to separation from substrates when a right-angle lattice oattern is cut into the coating, penetrating through to the substrate.
The Cross Hatch Cutters conform with the requirements of :BS 3900 E6;BS/EN ISO 2409;ASTM D 3359;GB/T 9286, ,it is economy.

Main Technical Parameters

  1. Six working side blades:When the blade edge is not sharp enough, users can loosen the boat type nut and top thrust screw to change blade.
  2. Multi-cutting blades spacing:1mm/2mm/3mm
  3. The number of square:25squares/100squares

Main technical parameters

Working Width of blade Hardness Coat thickness
blade end
1mm 6 tooth 0.03mm, 0.06mm Hard 0-60μm
1mm 11 0.03mm, 0.06mm Hard 0-60μm (0-50μm ASTM)
2mm 6 tooth 0.03mm, 0.06mm Hard & 61-120μm   (50-125μm
Soft ASTM)
2mm 11 tooth 0.03mm, 0.06mm Hard & 61-120μm(50-125μm
Soft ASTM)
3mm 6 tooth 0.03mm, 0.06mm Hard & 121-250μm

Standard package

Cross Hatch Cutter:1pcs
Magnifier: 1pcs
Brush:1 pcs
Gummed tape(3M):1pcs

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